I have apparently found my favorite place in Nashville for the time being. It seems that everyday I have to take Mike to work I spend most of my time waiting for him to get off at Fido coffee shop/cafe on 21st. This is my third time here this week and each time I spend about 5 hours a day here crocheting and playing around online. Oh yeah, and pounding coffee like it was a paying job. I wish it were because I am currently unemployed. Well, this is what I made today at Fido.

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  1. Keri -
    Cute blog! I am glad you have one! Its sort of a fun way to let everyone know what you're up to without being an open book. You're very talented at crocheting. I made a few scarves back in HS but... nothing fancy of cute. I have a blog too all about the house we just bought... its a fixer upper to say the least. Anyway I hope you're having fun in Nashville. Its a really beutiful place. I just love tennesse. Lots of love - Jesse