Happy Birthday Pennant Banner

Paper Pennant Banner
These paper pennant banners come in very handy for all occasions and are very simple and quick to make. I used one at my wedding to inform guests of their room arrangements because we rented a large cabin for all of our family and friends to stay in at our destination wedding. You could also use it at a wedding for seating arrangements. My husband's birthday is this Friday so I am making one to hang at his birthday party.

Ribbon or Yarn
Glue or Double-faced tape
Pencil or Pen
(I would imagine you have most of this just lying around)
The first step is making a template. How big do you want your banner to be? This can be determined by deciding first where you want to hang it. Is it a big space or a small space? Does it need to be seen and read from far away? I want my banner to be on the large side to really make an impact because it will serve as the majority of the decorations at the party. So my pennants are going to be about 6" wide on top and about 8" long. I don't really bother with exact measurements.
Once you have your template cut out you will trace it onto the back of your paper. I am using some 12"x12" sheets of paper so I can fit up to 3 pennants on each sheet. On a regular 8.5"x11" you can fit 2. Trace out the pennants and cut them out. Do not throw out your scrap paper, you will us it later. Once you have all of your pennants are cut out play with the arrangement for a while. Figure out where each flag is going on the banner. Once you have the pennants arranged you want to pick a coordinating color or pattern from you scraps of paper to use for letters.
To cut out the letters you will want to first type them on your computer and print them out. You can either a) roughly cut each letter out, tape them to the front (patterned side) of the scrap paper, and then cut the letter out of the scrap paper, or b) cut the letters out and trace them inversely (backwards) on the back of the scrap paper and then cut the letter out of the scrap paper. Then you will want to either use glue or double-faced tape to bond the letters to the pennant.Next you will use a hole punch to punch a small hole in both of the top corners of each of the pennants, and string the pendants together using ribbon or yarn. You may want to string them so that the ribbon is behind the pendant, entering the whole from the front (patterned side), or so that the ribbon is in front of the pendant (more visible) by entering the whole from the back (not patterned side).
Cut out flowers and/or other decorative details from scraps of paper to add a little flair to the banner

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