Heart Hand Warmers

These little guys are so easy and quick to make, and perfect for little Valentines Day gifts for your friends. Cut out four identical hearts in any color of fleece material. I chose to do two colors, grey and purple.

Sew two of the hearts right sides facing out, leaving a small opening to drop the rice.
 Insert the rice into the small opening. You can use a funnel, I just dropped it in. Once you have filled it with rice move the rice as far from the opening as possible and sew up the whole.
Now you have cute little hand warmers to keep in your pocket on those cold winter days. Stick them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm them up and you are ready to go. I wish I had these when I lived in Brooklyn, would have made my daily commute to the city much more comfortable.

Don't feel like making it? Buy heart hand warmers at my Etsy store

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