Portland Day 2

Day two started with some amazing biscuits and gravy from Pine State Biscuits and a lovely walk through Lurelhurst Park. Unfortunately the pond at the park was drained for maintenance so we didn't get to see the park's signature feature, but it was still very beautiful. Then we headed into the city center to enjoy some fine Rogue beers and see the distillery. We tasted the two whiskeys they make, and honestly, I think I will just stick to their beer. I had a Brutal IPA, XS Imperial IPA or XS I2PA, and the Double Mocha Porter, all delicious. After filling up on nothing but beer it was time for food. We made our way to Blue Plate, which I was really looking forward to, but once we got there they were 86 half of the menu (all of the good stuff of course). We moved on in search of another place to eat, and found nothing. I mean we found places, but nothing that peaked our interests. So instead, we dropped into a super cute Asian market/toy store/ overpriced random stuff place. It was finally time to get back to the hotel and clean up for the wedding. The wedding itself was a beautiful rooftop event with an amazing view to go along with it. We drank, ate and danced until the lights came on and then followed the bride and groom to a bar called Oba (would not recommend). And at long last, it was bed time.

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