Portland Day 3

Day three of our Portland vacation was dedicated to nature. We started the day off with brunch at the farmers market on PSU campus while grabbing a few snacks of berries and fresh bread for the day ahead of us. Then we headed about 40 miles out of the city center to Mt. Hood National Forest, where we went on two hikes. The first hike we did was Angel's Rest. Once you reach Angel's Rest there is a beautiful view of the Gorge. The hike itself is only about 2.5 out and back, but it is a moderately difficult hike, not for the out of shape. In the 2.5 miles there is an 1880 ft gain. So you can see this is pretty steep. On the way up you get a great view of the Horsetail falls as well. The next hike we did was Eagles Creek to High Bridge. This hike was a bit longer, but not as steep. In 3.3 miles there is a 840 ft gain. A much easier hike, but with very steep drop offs and some very narrow passages. If you are afraid of heights it can get pretty scary. The hike takes you through a very lush green forest with moss covering trees and rocks. You pass a few creeks and waterfalls as well. We stopped at High Bridge which is a bridge that sits 120 ft high over a creek. After all of this hiking we were so ready for a big steak dinner, and that is exactly what we got at Multnoma Lodge, located just outside of Multnoma Falls.

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