Pennant Banner

I recently made a pennant banner for a friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party. I had so much fun making this banner and it is something they can use over and over agin for years to come. Here are some quick picture instructions. Enjoy!

 Trace and cut fabric.
 Apply iron-on fabric adhesive and cut out letters. Iron letters on pennant fabric.
Hand stitch around each letter for decoration and added security. 
(I chose gold thread)
Cut backing for each pennant. 
Pin fabric right side facing each other and sew along the sides whereI drew lines. 
Make sure to snip the bottom corners and put a small cut in the middle where the angles meet.
Turn right side out and iron. 
Finally, sew all pennants into bias tape, and add any decorations (like the little pom poms). 

The hardest/ most time consuming part is the and stitches, but you can easily do those while watching TV on the couch with your loved ones, or on your commute to work, so it's not so bad. You can make this banner for anything from birthdays to weddings to bedroom decor.

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