President's Day

Sometimes all you need is a Monday off to rejuvenate you and get going again. It's not often that I get to work from a coffee shop. I know it doesn't really sound that special to those of you who get to do it any ol' time you want, but I look forward to it every chance I get. So for my President's Day, I had a lunch date with my sweet husband (which I also always look forward to) at Mitchell Deli, and then a tea/work party with myself at Barista Parlour. Not sure if it was the Organic Golden Needle tea, the atmosphere, or the red lipstick I was wearing, but I was so productive. I know, it was probably the red lipstick, I should wear it more often. I was able to snap a photo at Barista Parlour, but not at Mitchell. My husband gets very annoyed when I teak pictures, and seing as we don't get to grab lunch together often, I didn't want to ruin it. 

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